How do you eat your corn?


In August 2010, there was a post on a blog titled Analysis vs Algebra predicts eating corn? The author mentions an observation that analysts eat their corn a certain way and algebraists eat it a different way.

One way was to munch over the length of the corn in a straight line, back up, turn slightly, and do another row across. Kind of like how an old typewriter goes. The other way was to go around in a spiral. All of the analysts were eating in spirals, and the algebraists in rows.

I eat corn in straight lines (in fact, I was not aware there were multiple methods for eating corn). I also identify with the algebraist area more as my education progresses. Does the way you eat your corn match your preference for either analysis or algebra?

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  1. EB says:

    This is verifiably true. Tried, tested, and confirmed!

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