What Do We Do!?!

On November 28, @MathUpdate tweeted a link to a Quora topic titled What do grad students in math do all day?

Khalid Kalbat suggested a Big Bang Theory segment as an explanation.

I personally never hear Eye of the Tiger in my head while working, but I do have other tunes running through my head while working. I also completely relate to the RedBull and Advil (Ibuprofen for me).

Jeremy Kun gives the following list:

  1. Write down a problem.
  2. Think hard.
  3. Write down a solution.
  4. Repeat.

Unfortunately, I typically run into other intermediate step. See the following flow chart.


What would your flow chart look like? (Flowchart base Tikz code on Stack Exchange; you can download the code for this specific flowchart here.)

Do you think the explanations on Quora are accurate?

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