Mathematics and Wolfram

by Tyler Clark

I am sure many of you have used Mathematica. I am on Wolfram’s mailing list and just received an update from them today. The company will be holding a conference in Champaign, IL on October 19-21. The conference website states:

Join us for the Wolfram Technology Conference 2011, which brings together leading experts to discuss how Mathematica and other Wolfram technologies are shaping computation and algorithm-rich development.

A forum for users from all fields, the event provides a unique opportunity to learn how to develop and deploy Wolfram platforms efficiently—learning from experts and fellow attendees.

View the full Issue 3, 2011 of Wolfram Insider for Education.

If you cannot make it to their conference in Champaign, do not worry. They have plenty of other opportunities to learn about their products. They have a wide variety of free online seminars.

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