Advice on Attending Conferences in the Notices

by Kareem Carr

There is a great article by Katherine Ott in the Notices this month about attending conferences.  I will just quote the first paragraph:

Like many mathematicians, I occasionally miss class in order to attend a research conference.  When I explain the reason for my upcoming absence, the incredulous look on my students’ faces says it all: You’re traveling there? To do math? And listen to math talks all day? Over the weekend? As a graduate student, you might feel the same way. After all, who wants to do work over an entire weekend? The truth is that mathematics research conferences are an integral part of being a mathematician; and yes, as a graduate student you are a mathematician! Although the idea might be unappealing or intimidating at first, graduate school is the time to begin attending research conferences. Ultimately, attending and participating in research conferences will help you write your dissertation, get a postdoc or a job, and move through the tenure process of academia.

[Original PDF Article]

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