Recreational Mathematics

by Branden Stone

I hope everyone’s semester was productive and that your winter break is relaxing and fun. If you are like me then you probably spend a good amount of time perusing the internet in your free time. Personally I spend a lot of time at or MathOverFlow. This last week I learned of a fun blog that brought together food, art, music, doodling, balloons, videos, stories, and mathematics. It is Check it out during the break. Does anyone have any other sites they would recommend for recreational mathematics?

A side note: As a GK12 fellow, I spend one day a week in a middle school classroom. The videos on this site are not uploaded via YouTube, hence can be viewed on a public school computer. I showed the math doodling videos to a group of 7th and 8th graders; they were quietly entertained, and produce many interesting doodles, for over one hour.

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