What else should you learn in grad school?

by Alex Levin

A while ago, I came across a nice post by Michael Mitzenmacher about some of the things graduate students should try to learn in addition to good research skills. I think the advice is very worthwhile, so I am sharing it with the audience of this blog.

What do you all think about the suggestions? And what other things do you think students should learn outside their curriculum?

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  1. Avatar Brendan Sullivan says:

    This falls under point (2) on Mitzenmacher’s post, but I think it’s important (and fun, even) to explain your work to other mathies with different specializations, and people in related fields. This can be accomplished via a student seminar series, or just in frequent conversations over a few beers. Outside the math curriculum, I’ve always enjoyed playing intramural sports with fellow students; it’s good for camaraderie and health 🙂