The Upcoming Joint Mathematics Meetings

by Nicholas Neumann-Chun

The 2010 Joint Mathematics Meetings are coming up!  Next week the AMS (American Mathematical Society) and the MAA (Mathematical Association of America) will convene in San Francisco, CA.  From Wednesday, January 13 to Saturday, January 16, there will be nigh-constant paper presentations, colloquia, and addresses, as well as many social gatherings.  I want to attend as many of the talks as possible.  I hopefully will both write and read reports here.  I would also like to interview several of the speakers I see.  I will get more students involved with this blog; tell me if you’d be willing to help!  And last, but not least, I will present a poster in the undergraduate poster session.

It sounds like a busy week, and I’m looking forward to it – this is my first large math conference, so I’m naturally excited.

Who else is going?  What will you be up to?

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  1. Daniel Erman says:

    I will be speaking in the Commutative Algebra special session, and I will be jumping between that special session and the session on Algebraic Geometry.

    One event that I’m excited about is the AMS Current Events Bulletin. The basic idea is that speakers who are renowned for being good lecturers will give colloquium-style lectures on important recent results. Ben Green is the first speaker, and he gave one of the best lectures I’ve ever seen, so I’m quite curious about this event.

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