To post or not to post, this is for questions

by Brian Katz

A lot of the content on this blog is posted when a member of the editorial staff has an idea or remembers a gem of wisdom. If you post a question as a response to this thread, we will happily focus our attention on your current quandary.

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  1. Avatar Clement Ampadu says:

    Just wondered how one can begin a discussion here. Shouldnt this site be “open” so that folks can express their opinions…..

  2. Avatar Tan says:

    taking a break. i’m just starting out as a graduate student and am finding research very different from studying. the hardest thing for me is to take a break. these research problems are very mesmerising and cannot be finished in a day, yet we need to take time off (not only time but also take our minds off) to do our daily activites, likes meals, spouses, recreational and rest.

    my question then is: how does one take one’s mind off the research problem and focus on rest? even at points when the research is very mesmerising, how do we put it down and meet the demands of daily life?

    Yes, true; my approach is to have a schedule and stick to it. See “Vacation” column below.—FM

  3. Avatar Jo Roth says:

    Is it normal to be in second year graduate school and about 30% of the time be utterly confused? I’m starting to wonder if grad school is right for me. The professor starts a proof that I understand and then keeps on going until it gets more and more obscure…Then the proofs seem ten times harder than first year.

    See the new Post, “Why am I so confused?”. – Katz