Highlights of the Bulletin of the AMS, Volume 46, Number 4

By Kareem Carr

The most recent Bulletin of the AMS is Volume 46, Number 4 and contains the following articles as well as much more:

The decomposition theorem, perverse sheaves and the topology of algebraic maps by Mark Andrea A. de Cataldo and Luca Migliorini

Linear waves in the Kerr geometry: A mathematical voyage to black hole physics by Felix Finster, Niky Kamran, Joel Smoller and Shing-Tung Yau

André Weil by Armand Borel

On A. Weil by Yutaka Taniyama; with translation and Introduction by Mark Goresky, Keiko Kawamuro

About the cover: Christopher Clavius, Astronomer and Mathematician by Gerald L. Alexanderson

Selections Reprinted from “Mathematical Reviews”

To read the full articles, click here.

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