Highlights of the Notices of the AMS, September 2009 Issue

By Kareem Carr

Next month’s issue of the Notices of the AMS contains the following articles:

WHAT IS…the Complex Dual to the Real Sphere? by Simon Gindikin

Proving Yourself: How to Develop and Interview Lecture by John Swallow

Donaldson and Taubes Receive Shaw Prize

What Is New in LaTeX? III. Formatting References by G. Grätzer

Ask Professor Nescio

NSF Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Request

Bôcher, Osgood, and the Ascendance of American Mathematics at Harvard by Steve Batterson

Invariant Theory of Tensor Product Decomposition of U(N) and Generalized Casimir Operators by William H. Klink and Tuong Ton-That

To read the full articles, click here.

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