Work Hard

By Kareem Carr

I think for most people who have made it to graduate school, working hard is not a problem. The two main problems are maintaining motivation and figuring out what to do next.  I have summarized some advice that Fields Medalist Terry Tao has written on the importance of working hard and how to do it right:

1. Intelligence isn’t enough.

2. Reading and writing are important in addition to thinking.

3. Details are important in making your work worth reading and in selecting which papers are worth your time.

4. Learn and re-learn your field

5. Enjoy what you’re doing.

6. Avoid getting obsessed about a single big problem.

7. Rest when you need it; Switch been problems.

8. Know when a project isn’t right for the present moment.

Check out the original article for more information.

Work Hard [via Terry Tao]

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  1. Lu lu Wang says:

    very useful hints.

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