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Using Groupworthy Tasks to Increase Student Engagement

There has been an ongoing call in mathematics education for students to be engaging in problem solving and collaborative groupwork.  Although, many instructors find that when they put students in groups, some students seem disengaged and we may start to … Continue reading

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Lego Grad Student

The biggest coffee break/procrastination craze sweeping the grad student world since phdcomics or xkcd:

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The Role of Generalization in Advanced Mathematical Thinking

Generalization and abstraction both play an important role in the minds of mathematics students as they study higher-level concepts. In the second chapter of the Springer book Advanced Mathematical Thinking, Tommy Dreyfus defines generalization as the derivation or induction from something particular to something … Continue reading

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Creating a Successful Learning Environment

Welcome to graduate school. Here, we will find ourselves immersed in a subject that inspires us. Here, we will become engaged in conversation with masters of the field. Here, we will be mentored into a community to which we will … Continue reading

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How Failing to Meet My Goals Made Me Happier

At the beginning of this semester I set some goals for myself. The previous semester had been stressful, and I wanted to become a better, healthier, happier, more efficient version of myself. My goals included things like “be on campus … Continue reading

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