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I'm a PhD student of UWM. I obtained MS from University of Nevada Reno. My research interests include Geometric Topology (decomposition theory), PDEs, Wavelets, Numerical Analysis, Nonlinear Dynamic and Chaos.

Outreach of Mathematician

Outreach for a mathematics department as any activity that enhances the teaching and learning of mathematics outside the department, in particular in K–12 education and community colleges. Undoubtedly, most math department have such program, and many graduate students have involved in it. It’s not … Continue reading

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What’s the Big Data?

The first time I heard about big data was April 1st, the “fool’s day”, while I was drinking coffee, and reading the SIAM newspaper. I was attracted by a report about a meeting of the SIAM Committee on Science Policy (December … Continue reading

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MPE2013 Daily Blog

Thank you very much for Tyler’s recent post,  reminding us of this year is the Mathematics of Planet Earth(MPE 2013)  year. There’s an official site of this special year. Among all the exciting activities, lectures, articles posted on this site, … Continue reading

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Advice for (Berkeley) Ph. D. students in math -Bjorn Poonen

Occasionally, I have a chance to find this article posted on Dr. Bjorn Poonen‘s personal site. He gave quite a lot suggestions not only for Berkeley PhD students, in my view, but also for all the math graduate students. The … Continue reading

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How “small” can the gap be? -A huge landmark in number theory.

What’s the gap between consecutive primes? One can easily observe that the gap will keep increasing as the primes become far rarer. However, for the bounded gap, there exists infinitely many pairs of primes. This is a form of the … Continue reading

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