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Wrath of Khan?

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Khan Academy. It started as a few youtube videos that offered help on math homework and it’s grown to a phenomenon that caught the attention (and money) of Bill Gates. Most of us … Continue reading

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Student Oral/Take-home Exams

by Katz If I had to condense my teaching philosophy into one phrase it would be something like the following: The practice that students do and the evaluation of their progress should match the context of the goal skill/attitude/behavior as … Continue reading

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Gender, Race, and Sexuality in Mathematics

by Brian Katz In Mathematics, more than in any other field, themes of gender, race, religion, and sexuality seem irrelevant. We push abstraction further than any other discipline, so ignoring these themes may be necessary for our disciplinary work. And … Continue reading

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Cheating, Learning Quizzes, and What I learned at the DMV

by Brian Katz I recently moved to a new state, which meant that I needed a new driver’s license. I expected to have to sign some paperwork, but I was surprised to have to take a computerized quiz. Although the … Continue reading

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Technology Supporting Innovative Pedagogy

by Brian Katz There have been some recent developments in educational technology that can be used in math courses including adaptive individualized online algebra instruction, clickers, and Wolfram Alpha. You have probably heard about these or their cousins before, but … Continue reading

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