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Health Care

by Angelean Hendrix There’s been something on my mind lately. As a former corporate worker, I am delighted with the health care benefits offered to graduate students.  If you don’t think so, ask anyone who has worked for corporate America … Continue reading

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Mittag-Leffler to Cantor

by Kareem Carr I recently found a rather interesting quote from a letter from Gösta Mittag-Leffler, the editor of Acta Mathematica, to George Cantor: “I am convinced that the publication of your new work, before you have been able to … Continue reading

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Inspirational Reading

by Derek Smith I would like to share a collection of mathematical articles I read every so often for inspiration and motivation. The only real criteria I used for inclusion in this list is that they be available online. The … Continue reading

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Depression: Part 1

by Vishal Lama Introduction As part of a series on mental illness, to which I wrote a preface of sorts, earlier, the next few posts will be on the subject of depression (a kind of mood disorder) that affects a … Continue reading

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Using Mathematics to Give Back

by Kareem Carr One of the essays that has had the deepest effect on my thinking about mathematics is ‘On Proof and Progress in Mathematics’ by William P. Thurston. As I mentioned in my last post, earlier this year I … Continue reading

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