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I ran across a neat video by Jonathan Rogness that Manil Suri shared on his Twitter feed. It is a video that talks about Möbius Transformations and what they are. It also introduces the idea of going into the next dimension and adding Riemann’s sphere to help with understanding how these transformations take place.

Do you have any favorite math videos?

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  1. (chrisnamastephys11) Christian Luca says:

    I really enjoy the the Dimensions videos that can be accessed here:, produced by a group of French mathematicians, with their movie being shown on YouTube in different languages, including English.

    Here’ s a particular segment of the movie that I enjoy:

    Another movie developed by the same three French mathematicians, called Chaos, can be found here:

    Here’ s the first segment (about 14 minutes) of the movie, Chaos, that I watched just today and really enjoyed:

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