About this Blog

This is a blog about underrepresented groups in mathematics. The main goal of this blog is to discuss issues pertaining to marginalized and underrepresented groups in mathematics. We hope that by increasing awareness of these issues, we will help develop a more inclusive, supportive, and diverse community of mathematicians. Topics may include: conferences targeted at underrepresented groups, inclusive teaching strategies, summaries of current educational research, features about inspiring and successful underrepresented mathematicians, and advice for students, faculty, and researchers at all levels.

We are looking for a new Editor-in-Chief of the Inclusion/Exclusion blog. This role requires excellent communication skills, a commitment to posting or soliciting posts once or twice a month, and moderating reader comments. Given the Editor-in-Chief’s central role in providing leadership and vision for the blog, mathematical scientists who identify as members of marginalized or underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.

The Editor-in-Chief is assisted by contributing editors and writers. Editors are asked to commit to a three-year term, with an opportunity for both the editor and the AMS to review the commitment each year. AMS blogs are hosted on blogs.ams.org and maintained in WordPress, and familiarity with WordPress or a willingness to learn is required.

Our blogs are editorially-independent platforms to amplify the voices of members of the mathematical community on issues of common interest and concern. This is a volunteer position.

Building community through the blogs furthers the AMS mission of creating connections among mathematicians and advancing research. Blogs are one way to create an environment in which all mathematicians can contribute their talents and ideas to the research enterprise. Each blog has an assigned AMS staff liaison to promote awareness of the blog and to provide documentation and other support, as needed.

To apply, please submit a writing sample from a blog or a piece written for a similar audience, a CV, a biographical sketch of no more than 200 words, and a statement describing your reason for interest in this role and your vision for the blog (such as examples of topics for blog posts). Applications and questions should be submitted to education@ams.org.