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A Tour of “Nepantla Teachers Community” Blog

The Nepantla Teachers Community Blog is a group blog that aims “to provide an honest and encouraging space to navigate sociopolitical situations that occur in mathematics education for the purpose of working towards justice in traditionally marginalized communities. By using … Continue reading

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“Thinking Mathematically”: A Tour

Mark Chubb writes the “Thinking Mathematically” education blog. He has taught grades 5-8 and serves as an instructional coach for the DSB of Niagara in Ontario, Canada. He’s also an Additional Qualifications instructor. Here are a few highlights from the … Continue reading

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Math on the Dynamic Ecology Blog

Dynamic Ecology is a group blog by Jeremy Fox, an ecologist and evolutionary biologist at the University of Calgary, Brian McGill, a macroecologist at the University of Maine. and Meghan Duffy, an aquatic and disease ecologist at the University of … Continue reading

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A tour of Dan Meyer’s blog

While I was recently cruising through the mathematical blogosphere, I landed on a post I enjoyed on Dan Meyer’s dy/dan blog. The post, titled “Stats Teachers: 2019 Is Your Year,” discusses proposed tax rates and using classroom examples to help students become “smarter … Continue reading

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On vision and mathematics

Today, I’m reflecting on vision and mathematics. That’s largely because as I write this, I’m also simultaneously evaluating whether a new computer I received as an early Christmas present is going to be a good fit for me or if … Continue reading

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Blogging in Math Class: A Q&A with Casey Douglas

Last year, I had my math history students write a blog. The course counts as a writing credit, so blog posts seemed like good short writing assignments. But what about blogging in a math class that’s just a math class? … Continue reading

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Blogs for an IBL Novice

This semester, I’m teaching complex analysis using an inquiry-based learning approach. I kind of jumped into the deep end: it’s my first time to teach the subject and my first time to use this teaching method. Although I’m new to … Continue reading

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Promoting Diversity and Respect in the Classroom

For a lot of us, the new school year is just around the corner. We’re getting ready for new classes and a new group of students. We have plenty of learning goals for our students and subject-specific material to think … Continue reading

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Topology Teaching Blogs

I’m teaching topology for the first time this semester, so I’ve been poking around the blogosphere for ideas of different ways to explain some of the ideas in this class to my students. Luckily, right before I started the semester, I ran … Continue reading

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Blogging in Math (History) Class

I am teaching a math history class this semester, and in addition to trying to teach my students math and history, the course satisfies an upper-level writing credit. It’s a lot to try to cram into one three-hour course! With … Continue reading

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