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Don’t Worry, Math Is Still Everywhere

Last week Michael J. Barany — a mathematical historian — published a blog post in Scientific American titled Mathematicians Are Overselling the Idea That “Math Is Everywhere.” We can talk about whether or not the main arguments of his article … Continue reading

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It’s Not a Trick, It’s an Illusion

I’ve stumbled on the Best Illusion of the Year Contest a few times, but this is the first year I’ve thought about the illusions mathematically. Dave Richeson wrote two posts about this illusion by Kokichi Sugihara, one of the top … Continue reading

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Carnival of Mathematics 137

Welcome to the 137th Carnival of Mathematics! Let me begin with a story about pizza. I was at one of my favorite pizzerias in New Haven recently where they have the craziest method for slicing pizza: start with a standard … Continue reading

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Back-to-School Blogs

I have spent almost every August since I was five years old getting ready for the beginning of school, so it’s a little strange this year not to be shopping for binders and pencils, buying textbooks, or preparing lesson plans. … Continue reading

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