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Rankings, Standards, and Inquiry, Oh my!

Ranking As concern for K-12 standards in public education has come to a head,  the quality of teaching and learning in our public universities has also come under public scrutiny.  Recently, President Obama announced that he wanted to rework the … Continue reading

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You Get Calculus! And You Get Calculus! Everybody Gets Calculus!

In honor of the beginning of the school year, which is coming in the next few weeks for many of us, I thought you might like opencalculus. Matt Boelkins, a math professor at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, is working … Continue reading

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This is your brain. This is your brain on category theory!

I often ponder whether mathematics is lying around waiting to be discovered or is non-existent until we invent it.  One of the most recent posts at Math Rising  led me to a similar question concerning the brain.  Has the physical … Continue reading

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Tangled Up in Low-Dimensional Topology

Low Dimensional Topology is, logically enough, a blog about low-dimensional topology. Authors Ryan Budney, Nathan Dunfield, Jesse Johnson, Daniel Moskovich, and Henry Wilton write about 2-, 3-, and 4-manifolds, knot theory, quantum topology, and more Heegaard splittings than you can … Continue reading

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