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Opening The Cryptographic Backdoor

Unless you’ve been living off the grid somewhere in an igloo build out of old discarded iPhones, you’ve probably heard about the recent standoff between Apple and the US government. The short story, is that the US Government has demanded … Continue reading

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Beyond Banneker: Resources for Learning about Black Mathematicians

Part of the reason Erica Walker wrote Beyond Banneker: Black Mathematicians and the Paths to Excellence was that she was tired of hearing the response “Are there any?” when she talked with people about her research on Black mathematicians. On … Continue reading

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Counting Aloud And Other Saucy Things

The best reaction I ever had to telling someone I was a number theorist was “wow, so what’s the highest you’ve ever counted?” Being a number theorist, you can well imagine my response, first lots of laughter, and then “in … Continue reading

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Look Around You: Spherical Videos and Möbius Transformations

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched the short video “Möbius transformations revealed” by Douglas Arnold and Jonathan Rogness. It is a beautiful tribute to beautiful functions. As a complex analysis and hyperbolic geometry fangirl, I am … Continue reading

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