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Winter Break Reading: Baking and Math

If you, like me, like both food and math, then maybe you should check out Yen Duong’s blog Baking and Math. Duong is a graduate student studying geometric group theory at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her blog mostly … Continue reading

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Math that Moves

We’ve posted about mathematical images a few times on this blog, but recently I’ve been impressed with how many great math animations I’ve been seeing! So much of mathematics is about motion, and it’s nice to see visualizations that include … Continue reading

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I’ve always resonated with Mobius bands — but now I know signals do too!

So here I am, trained as a topologist and geometric group theorist, starting a job that involves mainly digital signal processing. Today I was perusing the magazines on the shelf at my new job, and what do I see?  The … Continue reading

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