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My Top Ten Issues in Mathematics Education

What are your “top ten”?  Sue VanHattum, a full time faculty member at Contra Costa College inspired me with her wonderful top ten list . Below are my top ten Issues in Mathematics Education.  While this is my opinion, I do … Continue reading

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Why Should We Fund Math Research?

As my co-blogger Brie Finegold mentioned last month, Cathy O’Neil of has been writing about how MOOCs might change the face of math departments and, ultimately, how math research gets funded. O’Neil is concerned that without calculus classes to … Continue reading

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Mistakes Are Interesting

I just finished grading my first midterms of the semester, and I’m learning a lot about how my students think through the mistakes they made. (With apologies to Tolstoy, I’m definitely experiencing a bit of “correct solutions are all alike; … Continue reading

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How to get your friend to like math: A multipronged approach

In Math with Bad Drawings, the author Ben Orlin calls the query in my title the most adorable ever, and I have to agree.  Now math is so awesome that it’s hard to believe that we actually have to develop … Continue reading

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