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Dancing Mathy Masters

Creating or finding patterns, reasoning spatially, tending to aesthetics, being precise, and creating in a universal idiom—these are acts common to both math and dance.   Not everyone is exposed to mathematics via art, especially a performing art.  As a … Continue reading

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A Tasty Geometric Morsel Every Day

I don’t remember how I first found Geometry Daily. Probably through Twitter. Every day German graphic designer Tilman Zitzmann posts a “new minimal geometric composition.” It’s not exactly a math blog, but I think many mathematicians will, like me, find … Continue reading

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String Art, Bezier Curves, Picasso, and me

 Going through some old boxes at my parents house the other day I ran across some line drawings I made as a teenager.  At the time I found it fascinating that just by drawing straight lines I could create beautiful … Continue reading

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Platonic Solids, Symmetry, and the Fourth Dimension

On his blog Azimuth, John Baez has been posting a series called “Symmetry and the Fourth Dimension.” He writes: “The idea is to start with something very familiar and then take it a little further than most people have seen…without … Continue reading

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