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Significantly Statistical Blogs

It’s almost Halloween, so I thought it was appropriate to write about something scary: statistics! (That was a joke, statisticians.) As a mathematician, I can get by in statistics, but I am not a native speaker. As someone who writes … Continue reading

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Ta Da!

This exclamation we commonly associate with magic, but also sometimes feel like uttering at the end of a proof. We strive to manufacture anticipation right before the final result is revealed. We hope that our presentation of the problem itself … Continue reading

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On Mathematics Education and Music Education

Last month, Jordan Ellenberg wrote about the Proof School, wondering, “ought there be a school just for math kids?” He is not entirely sold on the idea but later notes that there are schools just for music kids. What are … Continue reading

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Minimal-Adequate Teacher helps students learn in polynomial time

As an undergraduate, one of my favorite card games was Mao, named after the infamous chairman.  The main rule of the game is that there is only one rule, and it is that no one tells you the rules!  You … Continue reading

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