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The Poetry of Calculus (The Calculus of Poetry?)

Right now I’m driving from Chicago to Salt Lake City to start a job at the University of Utah. My route has taken me past a lot of silos and water towers, which naturally make me think of related rates. … Continue reading

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Narrowing the Gap

A group of seasoned mathematicians including Terence Tao are working to improve on Yitang Zhang’s exciting recent proof that there are infinitely many pairs of consecutive primes separated by no more than 70 million.  A glance at the polymath8 wiki … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Grandmothers of STEM

It’s not strictly mathematical, but Grandma Got STEM is one of my favorite blogs. It’s a collection of stories about grandmothers and other older women who have or had careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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