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Complex Projective 4-Space

Complex Projective 4-Space recently celebrated its first birthday, and I was surprised to learn it was that young. I’ve been reading since January or so, and I guess I just assumed it had been around longer. It’s written by Adam … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Grandmothers of STEM

It’s not strictly mathematical, but Grandma Got STEM is one of my favorite blogs. It’s a collection of stories about grandmothers and other older women who have or had careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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On Pregnancy and Probability

I have never been pregnant, but from what I understand, it is full of bizarre cravings, frequent bathroom breaks, and a smorgasbord of medical scans and tests. This last part is what concerns Kate Owens. She is a visiting assistant … Continue reading

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Binary Bonsai and Other Mathematical “Plants”

Many of us have seen Fibonacci numbers in sunflowers and hyperbolic curvature in kale leaves. Botanica Mathematica, “a textile taxonomy of mathematical plant forms,” takes mathematical-botanical correspondences like these and throws in a little fiber art. “The Botanica Mathematica project … Continue reading

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