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In Praise of Teamwork

Part of what makes math blogging so interesting is that it helps to build connections between the people creating math and those consuming math. The evolution in math blogging and blossoming of math on twitter has done a great deal … Continue reading

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PCMI Blog Roundup

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to give a cross-program talk at PCMI, the Park City Mathematics Institute. I talked about how doing math online can help us reach others in the math community, building bridges between teachers, researchers, and … Continue reading

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Talking ‘Art of Mathematics’ With Its Creators

This week I was at the Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) Workshop in San Luis Obispo and I had the rare and wonderful occasion to sit down for dinner with a great team of bloggers and get to know them a … Continue reading

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Specifications Grading Redux

Last December, I wrote about specifications grading, an idea I first saw on Robert Talbert’s blog Casting out Nines (Co9s is ending, so you can find new posts at and wanted to try out in my class. Talbert has blogged about his … Continue reading

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