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Teaching What You (Really) Don’t Know

When I first started teaching intro statistics during my postdoc, someone recommended the book Teaching What You Don’t Know, by Therese Huston. Full confession: like pretty much every professional development book anyone has ever recommended to me, I haven’t read it. … Continue reading

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Ph.D. Plus Epsilon/2, and the American Math Competition

Halfway there! I’ve heard back from the committee and the administration, and passed my third-year review with flying colors. The only constructive criticism was a suggestion to get my in-preparation manuscripts submitted, which, well, duh. It’ll happen. I’ve heard I … Continue reading

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Other News from the Joint Meetings

It’s hard to believe the JMM is only just behind us. The semester’s already into gear and I’m grinding along with it. But three weeks ago, I was helping to prep for this. The Hood math department has been heavily … Continue reading

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