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A Halloween post about the scariest thing I can think of

I’m caught up on my grading. I’ve done more academic writing this fall than I have the whole rest of the year. My office is (relatively) clean. I’ve remodeled my bathroom. I’m even ahead on my ironing. I wish I had … Continue reading

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Remembering what you didn’t know

First of all, thank you to everyone who reached out after my last post. I’ve started replying, but even if I don’t get to yours, please know I read every one and took them to heart. This is a weird … Continue reading

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Category Theory and Context: An Interview with Emily Riehl

Emily Riehl is an incredibly accomplished early-career mathematician, working at the interface of category theory and homotopy theory. She is also a stunning number of other things, including a creative interdisciplinary scholar, working musician, and high-level athlete. A brief career outline: she … Continue reading

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