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Socially-Distanced Conferences

COVID has changed a lot about our profession. Clearly, it’s changed how we conference—there’s no more travel. Not sure about you, but I have actually been able to attend more conferences since quarantine. And it’s so easy. No paperwork to … Continue reading

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Thanks, Academia

[This is totally a backhanded compliment to academia. More backhand than compliment.] Recently (and it’s a long, boring, and irrelevant story as to how it came about) I read a rant of someone desperate to meet another in person. The … Continue reading

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I’m Just Not a Math Person…

We as mathematicians seem practically hell-bent on removing the phrase “I’m just not a math person” from students’ vocabularies. Maybe that’s why they scream it so loudly and defiantly? Math has so many tactical advantages over sports and the arts. … Continue reading

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