Call for PhD + epsilon Blog Co-Editor Applications

The AMS invites applications for a co-editor of this PhD + epsilon blog.  This blog’s editors are mathematical scientists who have completed their Ph.D. but not yet received tenure. They write about their experiences and challenges as early-career mathematicians, and encourage all mathematicians to join the community of followers and to post comments.

Topics have included balancing research and teaching, seeking tenure, mathematical topics, meetings and conferences, giving talks, balancing job and family, collaborating, teaching tools and resources, giving and grading exams, mentoring, moving, writing papers, and humor.

The position of co-editor requires excellent communication skills, a commitment to posting once or twice a month, and monitoring of comments. The posting process itself is done in WordPress, a free and open source content management system for blogs.  Familiarity with WordPress is a plus; otherwise a willingness to learn it – with AMS documentation and support – is a must.  AMS blogs are hosted on, and AMS staff liaisons help promote awareness of the blog and the blog posts on, AMS social media and other means. The co-editors are expected to commit for a three year period, with an opportunity for both the co-editor and AMS to review the commitment each year.

Applicants for the co-editor position are requested to provide a sample of their writing (from a blog or for a similar audience), CV, and their reason for interest in being co-editor, along with a vision statement for the blog (such as examples of topics for blog posts).

The AMS requests applications by December 15 to


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