So Long, and Thanks for All the Blogs

(You don’t know how long I spent trying to find a word related to math blogging that rhymes with fish.)

April 22, 2013, we launched the AMS Blog on Math Blogs with a calendrically appropriate post about the Mathematics of Planet Earth blog. I have written over 100 posts here about everything from World Tessellation Day to math poetry to specifications grading to Fibonacci lemonade. After five years here, it’s time for me to move on and focus on other projects.

Credit: denipet, via Flickr

I am deeply grateful to the AMS for the opportunity to work on my writing here, first as a postdoc and now as a full-time freelance writer. I got my start in math writing through a AAAS mass media fellowship sponsored by the AMS, and not too long after wrapping that up, they gave me the opportunity to continue blogging here. Being part of the Blog on Math Blogs has helped me get plugged into the online math world, become visible as a math writer, and hone my voice. It has been an honor to work with the AMS through this blog. I hope the AMS continues to prioritize math communication and new math writers through its platform and financial support.

My favorite number is six, so I’d like to share six of the posts I am most proud of from my time blogging here. In chronological order:

Mistakes Are Interesting
Math and the Genius Myth
There’s Something about Pentagons
Beyond Banneker: Resources for Learning about Black Mathematicians
Adding to the Faces of Mathematics on Wikipedia
What Are You Going to Do with That?

And because the Blog on Math Blogs is all about sharing the great things other people are doing in the math blogosphere, here are some of my favorite math blogs I’ve found through my work here. If you don’t have them in your feed yet, do yourself a favor and add them! (I couldn’t just stick to 6, so you get 12 instead. And there are so many other good ones! You should just go through our archives and add everything we’ve mentioned.) In no particular order:

Baking and Math
The Liberated Mathematician
Mike’s Math Page
Fawn Nguyen’s Finding Ways
The Aperiodical
Intersections—Poetry with Mathematics
The Renaissance Mathematicus
Michael Pershan’s many blogs
The Accidental Mathematician
Stats Chat
Mathematical Enchantments

Fear not! The Blog on Math Blogs will continue to bring you interesting writing from around the math blogosphere with Anna Haensch at the helm. If you’d like to keep up with my writing, I will still be writing the Roots of Unity blog for Scientific American. I’ve also started a monthly email newsletter collecting my writing and other links of interest. You can subscribe here. Thanks to my readers for making my time here fun and worthwhile.

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3 Responses to So Long, and Thanks for All the Blogs

  1. Shecky R says:

    Geee Evelyn, cutting back from 19 writing venues to 18 (or so it seems), you slacker! 😉
    Anyway, a great ride… and maybe just worth noting (because of the connotation the word “subscribe” has for my generation) that subscription to your monthly newsletter is FREE!

  2. Annette Emerson says:

    Thanks, Evelyn, for all your blog posts that brought your take on the math blogosphere to readers. Your writing talent, combined with your wide-ranging math interests and math blog explorations, have made for informative and fun expeditions. We wish you the best and will continue to follow your My Favorite Theorem podcasts, Roots of Unity blog posts, and articles in many other publications. Carry on the good work of communicating mathematics, as Anna Haensch will do here!

  3. Karen Saxe says:

    Thanks, Evelyn, for all your great pieces in this blog! Luckily, we can still follow all your great writing in other venues. But, we will miss you as part of the AMS blog world. So glad that the MMF experience was so positive for you. Thanks for all you do, Karen

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