Summer Reading List

My Summer Reading List


Having an industry job, I will not have any real change in my routine as summer hits. But I still think of summer as the season of reading for pleasure. So what are some new books out there that I’m thinking of reading, and where on the web can you find some excellent reviews of them?


1)   Love and Math by Edward Frenkel

  • NY Times review by Leonard Mlodinow

2)   How Not to Be Wrong by Jordan Ellenberg—wasn’t on my list until today after having read the following two reviews:

3)   The Best Writing in Mathematics edited by Mircea Pitici includes an article by my academic sister, Kelly Delp, on Topology and Fashion — that’s reason enough for me to buy the book J.  This title has been a yearly publication of Princeton University Press since 2010.

4)   50 Visions of Mathematics

I’m drawn to any book that focuses on the visual beauty of mathematics.

5)   Beautiful Geometry by Eli Maor, Eugen Jost

Again, pretty pictures!!! This is coauthored by an artist and a mathematician.

6)   Doing Data Science by Cathy O’Neil and Rachel Schutt

  • Revolution DataConsidering my current profession and the fact that blogger and Data Scientist Cathy O’Neil is one of the authors, it’s no wonder that this book is currently laying in my house…

7)   Our Mathematical Universe Max Tegmark


There are certainly no guarantees that I will get around to reading all of these—but in my experience, the first step to reaching a goal is setting it J. What’s on your summer reading list?

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  1. Steven Strogatz says:

    The Grapes of Math, by Alex Bellos
    The Mathematician’s Shiva: A novel, by Stuart Rojstaczer
    (I’ve read advance copies of both and think they’re wonderful!)

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