Lean With It/Rock With It

From amazon.com. Been a while since I gave a book recommendation…

I feel like a bad feminist. And not in the Roxane Gay sense. More like in the literal sense.

A female colleague of mine recently was talking about a “Lean In” group she was running on campus, and I asked her, “I’ve heard of that…I kinda know it’s about women in the workplace, but beyond that I have zero clue. What exactly are you leaning in…to???”

She gave me an example of a way *I* had taught her to “lean in.”

Deep breaths, because I’m still not sure what “lean in” is after this description, or really what newsflash I was providing…

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

My online “classroom”…before any students show up.

A few months ago I said it was “noble” that some were trying to recreate as exactly as possible in-person experiences online. Multiple weeks into the new semester, I no longer think this is noble. And anyone who is doing a “hybrid” by choice I truly do not understand. I think these moves of mimicking in-person experiences online and going hybrid are done predominantly out of denial. They are done out of fear of the unknown, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable (to the faculty). To be quaint, I just keep saying to myself “Bless their hearts.” To be more realistic, I have to laugh in order not to cry.

And I hope at the end of this you’re laughing too. Because you couldn’t make this stuff up. It’s hilarious if you can remove yourself, even for a few minutes, from the horror that it’s actually our reality. Continue reading

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