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Review, Rinse, Repeat Episode 3: The prof who did too much

Last week, I received very good news: I have been reappointed at Bates for three more years! So there will be some breathing room between this review and the big one. I am talking of course about the tenure review. … Continue reading

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Review, rinse, repeat. Episode 2: Attack of the dossier

This past December, I wrote a blog post about the review process at Bates and tenure and pre-tenure reviews in general. Last week I turned in my fourth year review dossier, and I thought this would be the perfect time … Continue reading

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Review, rinse, repeat

Last week, I had a meeting with the Dean and Assistant Dean of Faculty, my department chair, and two of my tenure-track cohort and their respective department chairs. We were there to talk about our upcoming 4th year review. It … Continue reading

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