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How many conferences is too many conferences?

Hello from the end of my first week back to teaching! I’m teaching Linear Algebra right now, and enjoying it quite a bit. In some of the in between moments, I’m looking back on my summer and wondering where it … Continue reading

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Recreational Mathematics for Fun, Sanity, and an Sometimes Even Papers

In life on the job market and pre-tenure academia, it can seem that no math is worth doing unless it results in a paper, preferably a very fashionable and serious one. This can be a real soul crusher when the … Continue reading

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Summer Research with Undergraduates Plus Fun

I had my first-ever summer research students this year: sophomore Jerrell Cockerham and senior Zhaopeng Li worked together on a problem about row complete Latin squares, and senior Sam Kottler is working on a cool project in locally recoverable codes. … Continue reading

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