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Hello from Half of Us!

Hello! This is Beth Malmskog, one half of the next iteration of PhD + Epsilon. First, hooray for Adriana Salerno for earning tenure at Bates, officially moving more than epsilon past her PhD. Hopefully there is a PhD + 2(Epsilon) … Continue reading

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For every Epsilon there is a Delta: A Retirement Post

So, dear readers, the time has come for me to retire. Yes, epsilon is now a large positive number, and we all know that cannot go on unchecked. But don’t despair, I leave you in good hands. The blog will … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Bout A (Teaching) Revolution

I have always taken my teaching very seriously. Mainly because I believe that I am not just teaching my students mathematics, but general skills that will make them successful in life, regardless of whether that future life involves mathematics. This … Continue reading

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