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Lectureless Modern Algebra and Foundations, Part III: Through the Evaluations and What I Found There

The 10 minutes of the semester when we give student teaching evaluations have repercussions that can last for an entire career. The numbers that these students choose to rate us can become the major or sole metric of our quality … Continue reading

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Academic Writing Support

My second year is well underway, and it’s turning out to be a little more intense than last year. I have more classes, more students, more committees, and less time until my mid-tenure review. So I’ve been thinking a lot … Continue reading

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The Ximera Project: Turning LaTeX into Interactive Websites

I’m backtracking a little bit to describe a really cool project I got to work on over this summer. Jim Fowler and Bart Snapp at Ohio State have been developing a way to easily translate LaTeX documents into interactive websites, … Continue reading

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