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The Power of Two: Two Tips for Mathematicians

Every person I know, even mathematicians, have their favorite numbers. Mine used to be 13, because I liked being contrarian. Then I switched to 17 because it was the seventh prime number and I also liked 7. But what is … Continue reading

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Why You Need a Summer Plan

The AMS e-mentoring blog has already celebrated the finals week with Dagan Karp’s tips. If you are an instructor, this will mean that you have a few hours (or days) of intense grading work, and then the semester is over. … Continue reading

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The Fundamental Principle of Productivity: What they DON’T teach you in graduate school

A long time ago … I was an enthusiastic graduate student in mathematics. I had finally figured out that mathematics was what I would be doing with myself. I would continue to learn more mathematics and I would finally be … Continue reading

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