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Nice to Meet You

Blog by Sean Hays Out of all racial demographics in the United States, single-race Native Americans have the highest poverty rate at 28.3% [1]. Basic needs can be hard to come by for some Native Americans, as 7.5% do not have … Continue reading

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Making the most of attending conferences

In this blog by Julianne Vega, graduate student at University of Kentucky, Julianne tells us how to make the most of attending math conferences. If you are heading to a conference, challenge yourself! Your first conference may not be the … Continue reading

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Avoiding toxic mentoring

On September 20-22, I had the great honor of attending the workshop A conversation on professional norms in mathematics, organized by Emily Riehl. The workshop presented many great topics for conversation about the norms in our profession. The workshop’s program … Continue reading

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For People Of Color, Succeeding In Academia Is A Political Statement

Blog by Melissa Gutierrez Gonzalez When I began my freshman year of college, I—like any other college freshman—began to get acquainted with new, unfamiliar responsibilities. Go to class at 9:30, dinner with Maya and Kayla tonight, check out these new clubs, all … Continue reading

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Itʼs the little things

Usually “Itʼs the little things” refers to the details that really help make something spectacular. However, for me these words have taken a different meaning recently. It reminds me of little things that I have experienced and which have affected … Continue reading

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The MathFest Experience

In this contributed blog post Alvaro Cornejo and Kayla Harrison reflect on the experience having attended MathFest 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Was it worth attending the conference? Alvaro: Definitely. I got to see so many different perspectives on mathematics and … Continue reading

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Trip to the National Museum of Mathematics

by Maria Roman We left the Williamstown mountains behind as the early morning sun began to peek through the windows of the tiny bus. There was a journey ahead, but to be honest, I vaguely had any idea of what we … Continue reading

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Manuscript Pre-Submission Check List

Reviewer 2: “I did not read carefully past section 2. … I recommend that the article not be published in [redacted]” This particular reviewer read to page 4 of our 18 page manuscript, when the main result was on page … Continue reading

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Are you stunting your productivity by constantly checking your email?

By Dr. Toyin Alli This semester, I’ve been focusing a lot about productivity and how to be your most productive self when you sit down to get stuff done. And I believe a big part of being your most productive … Continue reading

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A Personal Reflection on Broadening Participation in STEM

Contributed by Amy Beth Prager During my student tenure at MIT, I expressed and increased my sincere devotion with respect to broadening participation in STEM. Ultimately, I became co-director of the MIT Womens’ initiative, which allowed me the opportunity to … Continue reading

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