The e-Mentoring Network in the Mathematical Sciences issued a publication approximately three times a year before it became this blog.  The publications contain advice for undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and junior investigators.

Issue 05: December 2012     PDF

  • I got accepted to a PhD program! How do I choose where to go?
  • Congrats – you are ABD! Now what?
  • Mentoring a postdoc can expect
  • Thoughts about promotion to Full professor

Issue 04: September 2012     PDF

  • Leveraging my REU work during the academic year
  • Making the best out of my first year in grad school
  • What should my CV look like at the end of my postdoc?
  • Is the third year review useful?

Issue 03: May 2012     PDF

  • Things to keep in mind as you prepare to participate in an REU
  • Graduate students can increase their support network
  • What is MathOverflow and why should I care?
  • How to measure a successful postdoc position

Issue 02: January 2012     PDF

  • Why apply to summer research programs for Undergraduates?
  • The benefits of a professional society for Grad students
  • If I could do over my Postdoc, this is what I would do differently
  • Junior faculty: balancing all responsibilities

Issue 01: October 2011    PDF

  • Should I apply to graduate school? What is a good strategy?
  • Planning a successful second year in graduate school
  • This is my last postdoctoral year! Job seeking strategies
  • Five things to do before your tenure review

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