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Job Seekers: how do you prepare and conduct a Skype job interview

This post was written by two postdoctoral researchers in biomathematics, Amy Buchmann ( and Alex Hoover (, who are currently on the job market. This is a reflection of their Skype interview experiences so far. Q: How is a Skype … Continue reading

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Get the most out of your REU project

Undergraduate students often are encouraged to participate in a summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU). They receive advice on how to find an REU that is a good fit and how to write a good application. This blog post is … Continue reading

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Guide to Lit Searching for the Disinclined

By Chad Topaz, Williams College and May Mei, Denison University Summer is upon us, which means it’s time for sunglasses, sandcastles, and student research. Every summer, we find ourselves explaining to students how to do a literature review. Prompted by … Continue reading

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Supporting struggling students

Since finals are either here or fast approaching in many universities and colleges, I would like to encourage everyone to keep an open communication with your professor, if you are a student, and with your students, if you are professor. … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Order of Infallible Idols

Much like the bespeckled boy wizard at Hogwarts, I spent my formative days at a school where science and magic were commonplace, the house you were sorted into determined your social circles, and dementors were at the ready to torture … Continue reading

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Are you thriving or surviving?

We are lucky to have another guest post from the amazing mathematician and educator Candice Price, who recently moved to Southern California! ***** Maybe I am just too demanding? Maybe I am just like my advisor, too busy? Recently, this … Continue reading

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Lessons learned at an REU are lessons for life

This is a post written with the goal of reaching undergraduate students who have participated in a research experience for undergraduates (REU) or are in the process of completing one. I have been thinking of the lessons that students can … Continue reading

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Service Statement: Beat Overcommitment

Service to your institution and to the broader mathematical community is an invigorating experience. Whether its connecting with people to provide opportunities for engagement in mathematics, opening doors for youth who wouldn’t have access otherwise, or filling a need in … Continue reading

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An Academic Party of One

This is a guest post from the one and only Candice Price. I was teaching when I wrote this so forgive me if it goes astray. But I have been to many panels on work life balance. They normally consist … Continue reading

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The Power of Two: Two Tips for Mathematicians

Every person I know, even mathematicians, have their favorite numbers. Mine used to be 13, because I liked being contrarian. Then I switched to 17 because it was the seventh prime number and I also liked 7. But what is … Continue reading

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