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Welcome to (Graduate) School

The Chronicle of Higher Education just published a great note with tips and advice for folks entering graduate school. (Thanks to Jamylle Carter for sharing!) The tips apply equally well to undergraduate students, and are great for us all to … Continue reading

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Finals Season: The Art of Exam Crushing

It’s season of finals! (I’m talking mathematics examinations, not these or these finals 🙂 Here are five quick tips for crushing exams. (Night B4)^2. Unfortunately, many exams require lots of memorization. The universe sucks in this respect, but it’s true … Continue reading

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I just found out that January is National Mentoring Month! The idea of mentorship is central here (the eMentoring Network!), so this is a good excuse to remind myself: I think all of us can act as mentors (and … Continue reading

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Dealing with Illness and Loss Early in One’s Mathematical Career

Hello again folks! It’s nice to be writing again. I’ve been on a partial medical leave of absence since last June. This isn’t the first time that I’ve had to deal with longterm illness. And I have many friends, as … Continue reading

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Linear Algebra and Pedagogy; Academic Fairness and Critical Theory

Academic fairness is crucial in our struggle to broaden participation in mathematics. We will be well served to learn from adjacent disciplines, such as critical theory, as we think carefully about who does mathematics and why. Who is a “minority” … Continue reading

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PAESMEM is now inviting nominations for its next round of awards; nominations are due June 5, 2013. PAESMEM stands for PRESIDENTIAL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS & ENGINEERING MENTORING, and it’s widely regarded as the nation’s highest mentoring award. … Continue reading

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The AfterMath Conference: Lessons Learned from a Regional Conference

Have you ever attended a conference focused on preparing for careers in the mathematical sciences? Have you ever considered organizing such a conference? A group of friends and I co-organized such a conference recently, and I’m writing to share some … Continue reading

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