PAESMEM is now inviting nominations for its next round of awards; nominations are due June 5, 2013.

PAESMEM stands for PRESIDENTIAL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS & ENGINEERING MENTORING, and it’s widely regarded as the nation’s highest mentoring award. There’s a long list of mathematicians and mathematics programs who have won in the past. They include several MESA programs (New Mexico, University of California, Washington, Maryland and Arizona), mathematics institutes (such as the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute and the Center for Innovation at Stevens Institute), a few departments (including the departments of mathematics at University of Nebraska, Lincoln and University of Iowa) and many well-known mathematicians (including Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Bob Megginson, Peggy Cebe and Phil Kutzko just to name a few).

Winning PAESMEM creates a positive self-reinforcing cycle. The previous awardees were recognized for their success. In turn, successful programs gain significant recognition, spreading the word about these programs and individual mentors, alerting more people to these great mentorship opportunities.

To nominate a program or individual (including yourself!), see the full instructions at

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