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“Hello Hector…,” “Hello Ricardo…,” “Hello Fernando…,”

I ran into a colleague from another department the other day. Someone whom I’ve known for years. Someone whom I consider a friend. She greeted me, “Hey Hector, how are you doing…” It’s not the first time that this has … Continue reading

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Doing what we think is the minimum necessary is more difficult than being fully committed

A couple of years ago, I committed to giving a series of lectures (a sort of mini-course) on measure theory at the Universidad de El Salvador. Not a big deal except for two challenges. (1) Teaching at a primarily undergraduate … Continue reading

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Learning From and Addressing Negative Comments in Student Teaching Evaluations

Learning From & Addressing Negative Comments in Student Teaching Evaluations I think it’s safe to say that most math Ph.D.s do some teaching sometime in their lives. Even if one’s career path ends up being non-academic, it’s likely that a … Continue reading

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The importance of paying attention to what was done before

It may seem obvious or second nature, but I often have to remind myself when working on something to make sure that I’ve taken a look at what was done before. I am going to provide a story to illustrate … Continue reading

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