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Visual Insight is a place to share striking images that help explain advanced topics in mathematics. I'm always looking for truly beautiful images, so if you know about one, please tell me! I can take jpg, png or gif files, but not videos such as YouTube videos, since that won't work well on the AMS homepage. If you have created an image that you want to share, please include a link to it a comment here, or email me the image at
  Correctly using this email address involves a slight intelligence test. If I choose your image, I'll need to know your email address so I can send you a partially filled out permission form for you to grant the American Mathematical Society the right to use your image here. You need to have the rights to the image to do this. Don't be scared: filling out this form won't prevent you from doing whatever you want with your image! New posts will show up on the 1st and 15th of each month. rotating_enneper_surface Visual Insight is one of a series of blogs offered by the American Mathematical Society.

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    • I’d say equivalence classes are things all math majors should learn about as undergrads, while simple graphs are something they’d learn about if they were interested in discrete math.

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