MathSciNet demos at ICIAM 2019

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Besides free MathSciNet at ICIAM in Valencia, it is possible to have demos of how to use MathSciNet.

Executive Editor Dunne gives demonstrates how to use MathSciNet to help decide where to submit a paperHere I am talking with two mathematicians from Morocco about using the Mathematical Reviews Journal Database behind MathSciNet to help decide where to send a paper.  We began by searching for all items in MSC 49 [Calculus of variations and optimal control; optimization] that were published in the last three years and that were published in journals (rather than in conference proceedings or as books).  We then looked at the Journals facet in the sidebar to see what the most frequently occurring journals in the list were.  The most frequent was Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. The second most frequent was SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization.  We clicked on the journal link from one of the items in SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, which took us to the MR Journal Profile page for it.  From there we could see all sorts of information about the journal:  the number of articles published per year, the most commonly occurring subject areas, citation data, and a link to the journal’s website, where an author could find information about how to submit a paper.  Next, we repeated the procedure for MSC 65 [Numerical analysis], which led us to look more closely at Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics and SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing.

My earlier blog post, Journal Profile Pages, has more details about using the MR Journal Profile Pages.  Take a look!

About Edward Dunne

I am the Executive Editor of Mathematical Reviews. Previously, I was an editor for the AMS Book Program for 17 years. Before working for the AMS, I had an academic career working at Rice University, Oxford University, and Oklahoma State University. In 1990-91, I worked for Springer-Verlag in Heidelberg. My Ph.D. is from Harvard. I received a world-class liberal arts education as an undergraduate at Santa Clara University.
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