The editors of Mathematical Reviews and zbMATH have finished the latest revision of the Mathematics Subject Classification, MSC2020.  The official announcement is published jointly in the March 2020 issue of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society and the March 2020 issue of the Newsletter for the European Mathematical Society.  The Notices version is available already online here. I will add a direct link to the version in the Newsletter when that has been posted.

A PDF version of the new classification is available here.

Please see the earlier post about the MSC2020 project.



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Current Index to Statistics

New main page for the Current Index to Statistics from MathSciNetThe Current Index to Statistics (CIS) is now hosted by the AMS.  It is available on the MathSciNet servers from the URL  The database is openly available using a brand new search interface.  Continue reading

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Emily Riehl

"Emily Riehl" name in a box

Emily Riehl, a mathematician at Johns Hopkins University, won a huge prize from the university recently: the $250,000 President’s Frontier Award. Riehl works in category theory related to homotopy theory, such as $(\infty,1)$-categories.  Her work has roots in earlier work of Quillen, Dwyer, Kan, Lurie, and others, but has significantly pushed the field forward.  Continue reading

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Louis Nirenberg

Portrait of Louis Nirenberg. Image posted by Nirenberg to MathSciNet. Louis Nirenberg died January 26, 2020 at the age of 94.  He made tremendous contributions to the field of partial differential equations and global analysis.   Continue reading

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Mathematical Reviews at JMM 2020 in Denver

JMM 2020 Logo and photo of Denver

Mathematical Reviews will be at the JMM in Denver, January 13-18, 2020. The Joint Mathematical Meetings is the largest gathering of mathematicians in the world.  There are lots of great activities:  invited lectures, special sessions, editorial meetings, exhibits, and the chance to connect with old friends. Mathematical Reviews is planning several activities during the meetings.  Most will be at the Mathematical Reviews area of the AMS booth in the exhibit hall.  Everyone is encouraged to stop by the booth for conversation with editors, questions about MathSciNet, questions about reviewing, scheduled and impromptu demos, giveaways, and more.   We will be glad to see you. Continue reading

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Stylized "MR4000000"Today, item number MR4000000 was added to MathSciNet. Hurray!  It is a paper on a local Jacquet-Langlands correspondence by Vincent Sécherre and Shaun Stevens, published in Compositio MathematicaContinue reading

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Drawing of three cubesAfter posting about Booker and Sutherland’s cool expression of 42 as a sum of three cubes, Drew Sutherland wrote to say that they found a new way to write 3 as a sum of three cubes:

$569936821221962380720^3 + (-569936821113563493509)^3 +  (-472715493453327032)^3 = 3$.

As explained below, this is both amazing and predicted.  Some earlier computer attempts turned up no new solutions from what Mordell had already found.  Nevertheless, Heath-Brown expected an infinite number of solutions, and even estimated their density.  However, it wasn’t until Booker and Sutherland had cracked the much harder nuts 33 and 42 that this new solution for 3 was found.  It sure helps to have access to half a million cores!

Sutherland gave me permission to quote his message, which tells the latest story well.

[Note: I made minor edits, including some formatting to work in WordPress.] Continue reading

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Drawing of three cubesThe number 42 is famous for its occurrence in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In 2032, Adele might come out with a new album with 42 as its title.  But today, the fame of the number 42 has to do with its representation as a sum of three cubes.  Continue reading

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Alex Eskin wins 2020 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics

Breakthrough Prize LogoAlex Eskin has been awarded the 2020 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics.  The short citation reads: For revolutionary discoveries in the dynamics and geometry of moduli spaces of Abelian differentials, including the proof of the “magic wand theorem” with Maryam Mirzakhani.  The full citation highlights, in particular, their paper “Invariant and stationary measures for the ${\rm SL}(2,\Bbb R)$ action on moduli space”, Publ. Math. Inst. Hautes Études Sci. 127 (2018), 95–324.  The review of it on MathSciNet is copied below.  Congratulations! Continue reading

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Everything in Its Right Place: An Expert Guide to Searching with MathSciNet, Parts I and II

Masthead logo of the Notices of the American Mathematical SocietyIn the September issue of the Notices Amer. Math. Soc., I have a column that is Part I of a guide to using MathSciNet.  This part focuses on Publications Searches, which are the most common searches.  Part II will be is in the October 2019 issue of the Notices.  It will cover covers Author Searches and Journals Searches.

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