Mathematics Genealogy Project at 200K

Math Genealogy Project records 200,000 PhDs in Mathematics The Mathematics Genealogy Project hit the 200,000th entry in their collection of data on PhDs in mathematics.  Congratulations!  What started out as an ambitious, but small project by Harry Coonce has really thrived.  It is a project of the Mathematics Department of North Dakota State University.  The AMS provides some support.

The “MGP” is a very popular mathematical site on the web.  Moreover, more and more sites are linking to it.  On MathSciNet, we link to the MGP any time we find a match with an author in our database.  See, for instance, the Author Profile page for Kolmogorov.   The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive has been adding links to the MGP on a regular basis.  See, for instance, the entry on Kolmogorov.  (The link to the MGP entry is at the end.)  Wikipedia also has links to the MGP.  Kolmogorov’s Wikipedia entry provides an example again.  And so does zbMATH …see their entry on Kolmogorov.

There is an informative interview with the founder, Harry Coonce, in the AMS Notices (September, 2007).  The current managing director of the Mathematics Genealogy Project is Mitch Keller.

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