‘Tis the season!

It’s that time of year when you start to get excited about how much work you will be able to get done during your winter break. Once those finals are graded, you will have time to catch up with collaborators, write that revision, organize the office, finish letters of recommendation for students, submit peer letters for colleagues under review, and look through those applications of potential colleagues applying to your department. And that is just your December to-do list! In January you will prepare that talk–no wait, talks–for the JMM, plan all of your lectures for next semester, write that grant, and catch up on committee work. No sweat!

It’s also the season to reconnect with family since you will have so much spare time. Be sure to have some quality time with the kids, travel to see family and friends or host them in your home, plan dinner parties, keep kids occupied while not in school, clean out the house to make space for all the new gifts the family will receive over the holidays, decorate the house, and don’t forget to send gifts with your kids for their teachers! You can do it because you are a super mama! Right?

We wish you happy holidays and hope you find some grace for yourself not to have to do it all, and most of all, some time to just breathe.

The Editors of Math Mamas
Emille, Rachelle, and Amanda

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